We delivered personal development workshops, online and in person, for young people in the UK. The workshops helped participants build the skills and tools needed to flourish in life.

We designed and structured our workshops in a way that enabled attendees to learn in their own unique way. We did this by providing:

  • Experiential activities – offering a range of structured games or exercises which allow participants to think, discover and question the activities and materials provided. Conversation is encouraged once completed so attendees can reflect on their personal learning experience
  • A safe space – creating an environment where everyone feels safe, listened to and understood
  • Opportunities – providing a chance for participants to talk openly about the things that matter to them, whatever that might be

Workshop topics

We delivered all individual workshops as a full personal development programme over an agreed period of time, and we mixed and matched how ever many workshops were needed.

Please see below a list of the workshops that we offered:

  • The importance of good communication – this workshop discussed how ineffective communication can contribute to conflict. We also looked at why misunderstandings happen and how to communicate with others in a calm and effective manner
  • Resilience – this workshop looked at how to redefine the meaning of failure
  • The power of choices – every day we make choices, some choices are small, but others are much bigger and they can shape the way we live for the rest of our lives. This workshop looked at our decision making process and the importance of making considered choices which best support us
  • Your mindset is your reality – this workshop looked at how our mindset can impact on our quality of life and ability to achieve our goals
  • Why do I feel this way? – this workshop explored how the way we feel affects how we think, how we make decisions and how we live our life. In this workshop we explored why we may feel a certain emotion in a situation, why it is not always appropriate to react impulsively and how we can respond in a healthier way

Benefits of the workshops

Through attending the personal development workshops attendees:

  • learnt how to improve their resilience
  • made better informed decisions
  • increased their self-confidence
  • understood how conflict may arise and how to deal with it
  • improved their communication skills
  • managed their emotions more effectively