“Say It With Your Chest did an amazing job and we all came away feeling that little bit lighter. The workshop reminded us to celebrate the small challenges that we overcome on a daily basis and to recognise the skills that we all have and are constantly using. The workshop helped to uncover the thought processes that go into overcoming challenges and showed our young people how resilient they are. The young people have shown a lot of enthusiasm following the workshop and are keen to attend more. ” - Emma Shenton, Deputy Manager at One Housing Association

“ The workshop taught me that we are all dealing with a lot of challenges but we all have strengths that allow us to overcome them and learn from them. We need to recognise the skills that we have and be kinder to ourselves. ” – James, participant of programme

“Say It With Your Chest, ran an online workshop with our young people from the London Violence reduction unit’s youth action group. The online workshop was different from other sessions that the young people have attended. This is because it was really engaging using a variety of creative tools and games/exercises to capture the attention of the group as well as deliver messages in a way that leaves an impact. Say It With Your Chest’s approach was relaxed, friendly, relatable and real! There was a fine balance of material that helped to drive home the intended outcomes.” – Jerome Harvey- Agyei , Children & Young people Participation officer at the Mayor of London’s Violence reduction Unit

"I have learnt to focus on what I can do to help myself cope with what is going on in the world today and be more patient and resilient to achieve my goals." - Samira, participant of programme

"It opened my eyes to the problems with the way I communicate and why it causes issues when trying to resolve conflict." - Mehmet, participant of programme

"I learnt that good communication gets you a long way. I learnt that not being aggressive gets people to hear your point effectively without arguing." - Lola, participant of programme