We offer online and face to face training. Our training programme is for staff in the United Kingdom who work in primary schools and secondary schools. The training gives staff, the skills and tools to support students with their behaviour. The programme has been created in collaboration with:

  • teachers
  • deputy and assistant headteachers
  • support staff
  • young people
  • youth workers
  • social workers
  • those who work with excluded students and students at risk of exclusion

Our why

  • One in four teachers feel that their initial teacher training course did not give them the skills or tools needed to support disruptive pupils (Teacher Support Network Group, 2014).
  • 66% of teachers are thinking of quitting due to the poor behaviour of students (Policy Exchange, 2019).
  • 87% of teachers believe that there is an issue of low level disruption amongst the pupils they teach ( NASWUT, Teacher’s Union, 2019).
  • Teachers feel misbehaviour is common, and is a major source of teacher stress ( Ofsted, 2019).

Content in the programme

  • Conflict resolution – looking at how to have a productive conversation between a member of staff and a student after an incident, so both parties feel heard
  • Parental/ caregiver engagement – exploring how to increase parental /caregiver engagement for students who are disruptive
  • Lived experiences –  hearing from those who were excluded from school what they feel would have helped them at school to avoid being excluded
  • Looking beyond the behaviour – we will do interactive activities which look at the different reasons for challenging behaviour, strategies will also be discussed that can put in place to reduce the likelihood of the behaviour
  • Presentation – you will receive tips and advice in response to our FAQs
  • Reflection exercise – in this section, staff will be required to reflect on everything that they’ve learnt in the training and apply it to a case study
  • Q & A – you will have the opportunity to ask questions