We are delighted, and humbled, to tell you that we have won a Stephen Lloyd award!   

Stephen spent the majority of his working life enabling charities and social enterprises to fulfil their potential.  He joined Bates Wells Braithwaite, a commercial and charity law firm based in London, in 1980.  Attracted by their slightly unusual working ethos, he developed his legal practice by making it easier for charities and social enterprises to operate.  He became an expert on social enterprise, social finance and investment. He also championed female lawyers [1]. 

Sadly, Stephen died in a boating accident in 2014. Therefore, the Bates Wells Foundation made a commitment to continue Stephen’s legacy via the creation of the Stephen Lloyd award. The award focuses on recognising initiatives that have potential to achieve practical sustainable and social change [2].  

We are absolutely delighted to have received a Stephen Lloyd award for our training programme. Our training programme gives staff, the skills and tools to support students with their behaviour. In the programme we look at:

  • conflict resolution
  • how to increase parental/caregiver engagement for students who are disruptive
  •  learning from lived experiences by hearing from those who were excluded from school for their behaviour
  • looking beyond the behaviour to understand why a pupil may be displaying disruptive behaviour

Winning the award for our training programme means that we will receive help and funding to enable us to develop and grow our training programme and our organisation as a whole. We are incredibly grateful to have this support through the brilliant award scheme. Having support from the Stephen Lloyd award also means we will now be able to reach more teachers, and therefore provide a better educational environment for even more young people.  You can find out more about our programme by clicking the button below.   


[1] https://bateswells.co.uk/remembering-stephen-lloyd/

[2] http://www.stephenlloydawards.org/