Our young people are the future of, well, everything.  We need to allow them to have a voice, a safe space in which to use that voice, and encourage and support them to reach their goals.   

Were you encouraged to have an open mindset as a child?  Did your parents and teachers give you everything you needed to succeed? There is so much potential in our young people, but sometimes they need to be encouraged and empowered to reach their potential. 

Young people may sometimes lack the motivation and resilience to focus on their education, and this is where Say It With Your Chest comes in. Our personal development workshops offer a range of activities, all designed with young people in mind, to focus on what’s important to them and to develop their soft skills.  They’ll learn how to improve their resilience, make better informed decisions, understand how conflict may arise and how to deal with it, improve their communication skills and learn to manage their emotions more effectively.  All of this will help to improve their self-confidence and self-esteem.   

Our workshops provide: 

  • Experiential activities – offering a range of structured games or exercises which allow participants to think, discover and question the activities and materials provided. Conversation is encouraged once completed so attendees can reflect on their personal learning experience 
  • A safe space – creating an environment where young people feel safe, listened to and understood 
  • Opportunities – providing a chance for young people to talk openly about the things that matter to them, whatever that might be.

If this sounds like something you would like your young people to learn, check out our personal development workshop page to learn more about what we do.