Say It With Your Chest is a not-for-profit that operates across the United Kingdom. We believe in the importance of empowering young people to be the best version of themselves. To achieve this we have a specific approach when working with young people. This approach includes:

  • asking ourselves in every interaction what a young person is trying to communicate through their behaviour
  • empowering rather than rescuing the young people that we work with
  • motivating young people to take ownership of their future, their choices and the person that they want to be
  • considering the individual needs of young people
  • encouraging young people to use their voice in a positive way
  • questioning  young people on how they feel about their lives rather than assuming that we know the answer

Our aims


Our services

  • Switch Ambassador Programme - a preventative programme delivered in collaboration with secondary schools to help students who are at the highest risk of exclusion from school.
  • Public speaking - we  deliver public speaking services which are tailored to the needs of our customer. 
  • Personal development workshops- we deliver fun and engaging personal development workshops for young people aged 11-25.
  • Training - we provide training which gives staff the skills and tools to support students with their behaviour.

The founder

Sabrina Jones set up Say It With Your Chest in 2018. A year later she was awarded a leadership award by the Shackleton Foundation as it was recognised that ''Say It With Your Chest is an inspirational organisation run by a promising leader with the will to make a difference.'' In 2022 Sabrina was also nominated for a positive role model award hosted by the National Diversity Awards.

Sabrina has over 12 years’ experience working with young people in different educational settings, where she has successfully improved behaviour, grades, confidence and attendance. She has a first-class psychology degree and she has also completed training in counselling skills, mental health first aid, social- emotional learning through play and adverse childhood experiences.