Why we are different


We tailor our approach and services to meet the needs of those that we work with

Giving back

Any profit that we make is reinvested into our social mission


All of our services are created in collaboration with young people for young people


Personal Development Workshops

We deliver personal development group workshops for young people and adults. The workshops are delivered either online or face to face. The workshops include reflective exercises, group discussions and games.


We offer online and face to face training. The training gives staff the skills and tools to support students with their behaviour.

Switch Ambassador Programme

This is a preventative programme delivered in collaboration with secondary schools to help those most at risk of school exclusion. The programme includes group workshops and 1:1 mentoring.

Public Speaking

We can be a panelist for your event or deliver a talk or presentation that is tailored to your needs. All services can be delivered online or in person.


"The workshop transformed my way of thinking. It really opened my eyes to the problems with the way that I communicate and why my communication causes issues."


Josie, attendee of personal development workshop

" Excellent, thought provoking content with strategies that I can implement in the classroom. I also feel like I have a greater depth of understanding as to why young people may display certain behaviours."

Mike, attendee of training programme